CARP Collaborations: Policy Advice

We undertake wide-ranging policy advisory work at both a local and national level, supporting community members in their work by providing up to date policy information and briefings to community members.

Our aim is to ensure that all of our project work influences policymakers and the policies they develop and those research findings have the maximum effect in practice. Where possible we aim to ensure the involvement of community members and those who may be disadvantaged within our policy work...

Example project: The Social Services and Well Being Act

Working in partnership with a legal expert and the Swansea Carers Centre we facilitated a day-long event to provide carers with information about new legislation and to explore with them what the impact may be upon their lives. The findings were used for lobbying purposes by the Carers Centre.

Contact us to find out how our policy advice can support the work you do. How can we help you ensure that the work of your organisation or the impact of your project influences policy at a local and national level?

Our Work