Welcome to our Reports page:

Here you will find reports covering our most recent work. Not all our commissioned work is publicly available; but where possible we make our resources available for download in the interest of sharing our experiences, our knowledge and good practice.

Contact us to discuss any of our reports that are available, or if you would like to know more about the work that we have undertaken with a range of organisations across Wales.

CARP Collaborations | Evaluative Research

Building Bridges | Evaluation report of the ‘Building Bridges’ project

‘Building Bridges’ was a four year project based in Monmouthshire funded by The Big Lottery Fund under the Bright New Future’s programme. The project had 4 objectives and six indicators all of which have met or exceeded.

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Barnardo's Cymru | Interim evaluation report for the ‘Breaking the Cycle’ project.

‘Breaking the Cycle’ was funded by the Big Lottery Fund in 2015 for three years and is a partnership project between the Barnardo’s Cymru Swansea Children Matter service and the City and County of Swansea Children and Families social work departments.

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Barnardo's Cymru | Evaluation of Blaenau Gwent Community Connections Service

Available in both English and Welsh languages, this report is from a two year evaluation of a Barnardo’s Cymru project that aimed to connect disabled young people to their local communities. Using a mixed methodology this report not only assesses the project according to target outcomes but also what worked within the project from the young people’s perspectives.

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Community Kites | A community engagement and community arts project

The Community Kites project was initiated in 2015 with a kite making workshop and kite flying day involving two community groups from central Swansea.

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CARP Collaborations | Social Research

DRILL research programme | Young people and friendships: What matters to us?

Funded by The Big Lottery Fund, this research project involved working with peer researchers to explore patterns of friendships and social isolation with young people with a learning difficulty in transition to adulthood. The report details findings of qualitative research undertaken across Gwent with 14- 25 year old's with learning disabilities

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Cwm Taf Health Board | Family Engagement to Prevent Childhood Obesity 2015

Available as an accessible summary, detailed summary or full research report this research explores children’s and parents reflections, experiences and opinions upon current services available for preventing and tackling childhood obesity. Detailed analysis of qualitative data from 43 family groups, provides recommendations for improving engagement in weight management services and a model for providing those services.

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CARP Collaborations | Talks & Presentations

Vikki Butler’s TEDx talk: ‘social inclusion and why it matters’

'The DRILL research project 'Young people and friendships: What matters to us?' included working with a young film maker to highlight the main research findings and process of peer research.'